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Wonder Dog Super Foods

Premium Human Grade Ingredients  ~  Certified Human Grade Kitchen

Our goal is to provide all dogs with delicious treats and homeopathic products that deliver a nutrient dense, human grade, organic superfood rich in antioxidants and so flavorful your dog will beg for more. After lab results and nearly two years of development by our certified nutritionist, we settled on 14 base ingredients, all carefully chosen and finely ground to a powder for increased absorption, of which we have expanded into a homeopathic line of products. While some are baked to a crunch, others are offered as nutrient boost powders helping boost mealtime nutrition. Our powders are also great for dogs with dental problems or weak digestive systems.  Packaged in convenient wide-necked jars with scoopers.  Please visit our Ingredients page to see how far we go to bring the best your dogs.

AAFCO is a non-profit organization which sets standards for the quality and safety of animal feed in the United States. Although AAFCO has no regulatory authority, their guidelines serve as a model. We follow this model to the highest level. We are extremely particular when we shop for ingredients: human grade, gluten-free, no wheat, corn, soy, added sugar or sodium. No artificial preservatives, food dyes, flavorings, hormones or pesticides.


Wonder Dog Super Foods Original Founder

Theresa Ormsby

Our mission is to promote your dog’s well-being through healthy treats and homeopathic supplements made with organic superfoods free of chemicals, growth hormones, antibiotics, soy, gluten, and no added sweeteners or sodium.  I have always been a health enthusiast, and after a career in corporate I wanted to pursue my true passion. Although I returned to the university and received a biology degree in natural science, it was not enough to work in the health industry.  My interest in nutrition led me to a naturopathic program that focused on superfoods and antioxidants.  The goal was to live healthy in a not so healthy world.  As I listened to the experts and did further research, I began bringing more and more superfoods into my life.

I had been fostering and rescuing golden retrievers who came to me in all stages of age and health.  Some were overweight, listless with dull coats while others were anxious and in pain. I knew nutrition effected animals as much as humans.  To put these dogs back on track would require a lot of love in the form of quality nutrition.  The journey began with human grade nutrient-dense organic superfoods.  Their daily meals included pumpkin for its beta-carotene to help keep inner linings healthy, lentils with 31% protein and healthy fiber to draw out toxins, mineral rich sea-vegetables hand-harvested from pristine waters, fresh organic eggs free of pesticides, antibiotics and hormones, and fresh ground organic chia and flaxseeds known for their rich Omega-3 fatty acids (an endurance food treasured by the Aztecs).  Organic wheatgrass was important as well for its oxygenating and energy boosting chlorophyll and natural internal cleansing benefits in improving digestion, all critical for increased bioavailability/nutrient absorption. Organic amaranth is also included in our base nutrient boost powder for its nutrient density particularly in protein.  Consuming this seed (not a grain) has been encouraged by the World Health Organization because little or no malnutrition has been found in regions of its consumption.  The results were evident that I was on the right path.  My senior dogs’ coats were shining, they had healthy digestive movements and a prance in their step.  They were no longer listless  ~  they were happy!  I knew I was on the right path.

Without undermining the dogs healthy meals, I wanted to offer them treats. However, we were on a healing path and anything I gave them would have to support our journey. I created the same healthy superfood recipes and tested the treats on my canine kids. When the lab results were in on the nutrient profile, we all did a high paw!  However, this was just beginning.  My senior golden began limping with arthritis, and  I wanted to help manage her pain with a homeopathic alternative.  I had heard about agricultural industrial hemp oil and researched the studies that showed CBD supporting an array of symptoms, including pain, anxiety, inflammation, nausea.  I found a reputable company –  a leader in the industry –  to which I added non-GMO agricultural industrial hemp oil to my senior “pup’s” treats and witnessed the results firsthand.  This is how Wonder Dog Superfoods™ evolved, and we continue to expand our homeopathic line. Please take a look around our site and learn about our ingredients and enhanced product lines which include Green Lipped Mussel (GLM) for joint support (and rich in Omega-3 and “GAGS” found in healthy cartilage and synovial joint fluid), Organic Turmeric (strong anti-inflamatory), Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil (rich in Omega-3) non-GMO CBD oil from agricultural industrial hemp oil (rich in phytochemicals).  My partner, Shelley (read on), and I are proud to offer a delicious product that will spoil your dog in a healthy way!  We are very excited to bring you our convenient nutrient boost powders (more bioavailable) to help close the nutrient gap in your dog’s mealtime.  Or, try our crunchy treats to keep your dog’s teeth and gums healthy by fighting plaque.  We continue to expand our product lines with healthy treats and homeopathics.  We love our customers and love to spoil them, so don’t let your dog be the only one to benefit from Wonder Dog Superfoods healthy treats and supplements – order bulk (one month supply) and save.  Be sure to visit our Testimonials page.  These are just a sample of the many responses we receive!

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Shelley Sloane

I have been involved with dogs my entire life. As a child, I trained dogs for people that enjoyed the abilities of my own dog. As the years went by, I worked with innumerable dogs including those with physical and behavioral issues. I learned about dogs from the best teachers around, the dogs themselves. I learned how to read their body language, to understand how they learn and what drives them. I learned how to interact with them, help them quell their fears, build trust and reach out.

I believe that it is important to have a very well rounded knowledge when dealing with something so precious as someone’s dog. I studied dog ethology, cognition, nutrition, etc. I learned everything I could and applied it to my training. I culminated in getting two well respected certifications for my efforts.

About twenty years ago, I had a dog that started having medical issues. My current vet told me the dog was getting old and not much I could do about it. I began my research and my journey into learning more about dog nutrition. I contacted a holistic vet that told me about what he called ‘the four horsemen’ of dog food; wheat, soy, corn and dairy. The food I had been feeding, though expensive, had most of these horsemen in it! I searched for a food without these and low and behold, my dog started feeling much better. This drove my desire to learn more and more about dog nutrition.

Skip forward to the day I was promoting my training business at the San Diego Pet Expo and this woman walked up to me to talk to me about her dog ‘treats’. Well, understand that as a trainer, I had been approached many times with the desire for me to promote a product so I was not expecting any breakthrough product. I was wrong and I knew it immediately when I read the ingredients. This product was truly exciting to me! The ingredients were phenomenal and I knew I had in my hands, a product designed and produced with a passion to help dogs achieve health through good, solid nutrition. I am exceedingly proud and happy to be a part of this company and look forward to introducing pet owners to the benefits of feeding it.

Wonder Dog Super Foods Co-Founder