Anxiety-Stricken Dog? CBD Oil, the Natural Choice

Many of us know the signs of an anxiety-stricken dog: chewed up home from separation-anxiety, fear-based aggression toward other dogs and/or humans, bare-skin from excessive licking, July 4th fireworks nervousness and fright, the list goes on. Also, let’s face it, we are working more and walking or exercising our dogs less. Quite frankly, some dogs are simply going stir crazy. The disorder is real, and there are many animal psychologists working with these stressed-out dogs.  Some pet owners are turning to their vet for synthetic pharmaceuticals, while others are looking to Mother Nature for a natural homeopathic alternative. We believe in the natural calming effects of CBD oil, and our canine clients agree! There are many studies supporting the benefits of CBD oil helping with an array of symptoms, including pain, anxiety, inflammation and nausea, just to name a few, but let’s talk about using CBD oil to help manage your dog’s anxiety.

How Much CBD Oil for Your Your Dog?

First, no two dogs are alike, physically or physiologically. The amount of CBD Oil for your dog requires observing their comfort level. Recommended amounts are only a basic guideline. We recommend starting with a specific amount of milligrams (mg) per weight range, two times a day, six to eight hours apart, and then wait, observing changes in your dog’s behavior.  For some dogs, you may see results within hours, while others may take a couple days of accumulated dosages. Their anxiety level can also push them into a higher dosage level (above their normal weight range).  That’s okay. CBD is non-psychoactive, and your dog will not overdose. There are studies where dogs were administered amounts of CBD oil far exceeding a level needed to manage thier comfort. With this said, be confident in managing your dog’s comfort level by increasing the dosages if you feel they are not responding to the recommended dosage level within a few days. Increase each dosage one milligram at a time and observe.  Your dog may respond immediately, and they may do fine at that level without ever needing adjustments.  Bottom line is to observe, adjust if necessary, and wait before increasing.

As always, we love sharing.  Please give us your feedback and feel free to share with others.  Note that we infuse the highest quality non-GMO CBD oil (CO2 extracted from agricultural hemp) into a healthy base of both crunchy organic super food treats and organic super food powders.  Only the best for your canine kids!

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