Arthritis Pain Care for Dogs

It is painful watching your dog struggle with arthritis. Many senior dogs (as well as some younger dogs with genetic conditions) suffer with osteoarthritis (OA) and joint pain. It can come on so quickly that we wonder if maybe we played them too hard and their limp is just a sprain that will go away in a day or two. Then you realize your dog’s struggle is not going to leave on its own. The joint pain is not just a sprang

For some canine parents it is a matter of simply taking their pet to the veterinarian and getting them on a steroid drug program. This may seem like an easy solution at first but there are a couple things to consider. First, you will most have to return every few months in order to refill Fido’s pain reliever. Second, the reason for the return is that these medications can play havoc on their kidneys and or liver.

Falling Down the Rabbit Hole

For other pet owners this is the moment for many of us pet owners where the research begins, and it consumes us. This is due to the wealth of information available to us in Cyberspace on every question in the universe, especially arthritic pain and dogs. It can wear you down trying to weigh out the plethora of data, the conflicting data, and balancing the benefits with the risks of pain remedies, etc. Really, if you have been there, you know what I am talking about. You may even create spreadsheets to keep all the information straight to help make a decision of which way to go. It is at this point that you may feel like you have fallen down the rabbit’s hole!

Studies Show CBD Oil to Help with an Array of Symptoms, Including Pain, Anxiety, Inflammation and Nausea

We believe in using ingredients from Mother Nature’s own backyard, and when it comes to your dog’s joint care and pain management, a healthy supplement should support their overall health. We also believe that canine joint care begins at puppy stage and remains throughout their lifespan. Green lipped mussel blended into a nutrient boost powder with bone meal helps support their growing bones. If arthritis sets in, then we highly recommend adding CBD oil to their joint care supplement. The best way to get CBD into your dog’s system is synergistically through other ingredients, such as Green Lipped Mussel (GLM) that is rich in Omega-3s, glucosamine and chondrointin, the building blocks known to support healthy joints; ground flaxseeds and chia seeds rich in healthy fatty acids; organic turmeric for its Curcumin active ingredient which has many studies to support its anti-inflammatory health benefits.

Know Your CBD Oil

  • It is important for your dog’s CBD oil to be pure and that it is free of chemical solvents.
  • Full spectrum, Non-GMO, CO2 extraction is what to look for with a healthy synergistic carrier (infused nutrient boost powders are a healthy supporting choice).
  • Third party analysis should be available upon request.
  • Product infusion with CBD oil should be transparent in stating the number of milligrams (mg) per serving.
  • You should never accept a “proprietary” blend where you have blind faith that your dog is getting what they need.

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