Comparing CBD Oil Dog Supplements

It is official:  CBD oil supplements and treats are a big hit for pets these days.  Wanting to help manage your “canine kid’s” pain and anxiety using a naturopathic alternative?  Look no further.  CBD oil is the primary choice for many, and you may want to consider this alternative for good reasons.  We now have many studies on dogs that show CBD oil to help with an array of symptoms, including pain, anxiety, inflammation and nausea.  This is great news for pet owners.  Especially owners of elder or senior dogs who suffer in pain with arthritis or OA (osteoarthritis).  It is also a useful tool for dog trainers and behaviorists working with an anxious or overly excited dog with the attention span of a flea (pun intended!) in need of calming.

Some dog owners wonder if CBD will get their dog “high”.  No, it will not.  CBD is extracted from agricultural hemp plants, not the marijuana plant which is known for its high level of psychoactive THC property that attracts recreational users.  CBD is non-psychoactive because it does not act on the same pathways in the body as THC (CB1 receptors concentrated in the brain responds to THC).

How to Shop for Your Dog’s Quality CBD Oil

CBD oil should be organic and “CO2” extracted.  Inferior CBD oil comes from sources using chemical-solvent extraction.  It may be cheaper but your dog’s health may pay for the chemical residuals down the road.   As with any product your dog consumes, you want transparency.  We should always know exactly what we are giving our dog, right?  Therefore, CBD milligrams per serving should be crystal clear on the label.  For example, “1 milligram CBD per serving”.

CBD Oil Carrier | The Base Ingredients

When shopping for CBD dog supplements or treats, pay close attention to the carrier composition, otherwise referred to as base ingredients.  The ingredients blended with the CBD oil should include healthy fatty acids to help absorb the CBD oil, such as ground flaxseeds, ground chia seeds, cold-pressed coconut oil, and of course look for organic ingredients.  An organic superfoods base rich in antioxidants is a wonderful carrier for CBD oil.

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