Bone Meal for Dogs | Dog’s Calcium

Pure, Sterilized, Human Grade.

Dogs require high amounts of calcium, and studies show bone meal provides more calcium in comparison to milk. Wonder Dog Superfoods™ uses 100% bone meal powder, sterilized and edible for human grade consumption. This is important because some bone meal has been banned for human consumption due to high level content of lead and other toxic metals. Keeping with our human grade line of products, we use the purest form we can find. Our bone meal is purchased from reputable suppliers of human grade supplements, and it is purchased in a fine powder form to help with increased absorption.

Wonder Dog Superfoods™ keeps its calcium/phosphorus overall ratio between 1.2 and 1.3, well within American Association Feed Control Official’s (AAFCO) range. Note that AAFCO is a non-profit organization which sets standards for the quality and safety of animal feed in the United States. Although AAFCO has no regulatory authority, their guidelines serve as a model, of which we strive to exceed.

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