Wheatgrass for Dogs | Internal Cleanser


Organic, Ground, and Rich in Chlorophyll

Consuming quality food is not enough. Food must be digested and absorbed before it can be utilized as a source of energy. The enzymes in wheatgrass help promote a healthy digestive system which helps assimilate and metabolize nutrients.
Chlorophyll is oxygenating, energizing, a wholesome breath freshener and helps maintain aealthy gut. Wheatgrass is non-gluten and is nutritiously packed with lots of vitamins, amino acids and minerals. The chlorophyll that gives the grass its deep green color is oxygenating, energizing and a wholesome breath freshener. Further, wheatgrass acts as Mother Nature’s own internal cleanser, with its enzymes helping to detoxify a dog’s organs, especially the liver and intestines. Even Hippocrates Health Institute talks about the health benefits of wheatgrass.

Wonder Dog Superfoods™ uses organic wheatgrass powder in all of its treats because we love its nutritional effect:
*Nutritionally complete food
*Studies by scientists have shown it to never be toxic in animals or humans
*Gives energy & stamina
*Protection of toxins, including aging and combats free radicals
*Rejuvenates blood
*Helps shed pounds by detoxifying the body (toxins are stored in adipose/fat tissue; when toxins leave the body, fat follows)
*DNA repair
*Blood cleansing and building abilities of chlorophyll
*Builds blood and stimulates circulation
*Stimulates and helps regenerate the liver
*Deodorizes body

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