Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil for Dogs | Dogs Healthy Coat

Human Grade Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil for Your Dog’s Health

Wild Alaskan salmon oil (WASO) is known for its healthy Omega-3 fatty acid concentration of both EPA (Eicosapentaenoic Acid) and DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid).  These fatty acids naturally benefit our bodies by helping to reduce inflammation and keeping our circulatory system lubricated.  We know the benefits our own body reaps from including WASO in our diet, but are you aware dogs too can benefit?

  • Improves the coat and skin, making it soft and shiny.
  • Reducing inflammation that can lead to conditions such as arthritis.
  • Helps to prevent skin allergies.
  • Helps with Inflammatory Bowel Disease.
  • Regulates the immune system.

Wonder Dog Superfoods™ purchases only premium human grade quality ingredients:

    100% pure wild-caught salmon that is ethically and sustainably sourced. Through a molecular distillation process, all harmful toxins and metals are removed, exceeding all US and European Pharmacopeia standards, including Prop 65.


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