Peanut Butter for Dogs ?

Dogs love peanut butter. They love it so much that we can slather peanut butter over their meds and they beg for more. It is the best kept secret in the world and dogs fall for it every time! That is why there are so many peanut butter dog treats out there. Dogs gobble them up, and we continue to buy more for them. Peanut butter can be very healthy for dogs.  However, you must be choosy when it comes to selecting treats, supplements or any kind of dog food enhanced with peanut butter.

Feed Your Dog Only the Purest of Peanut Butter

The great news is if you feed your dog a peanut butter that is pure, organic, non-GMO, unsweetened, no salt, no hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils, and just pure and creamy peanut butter, then it can actually be healthy for them.

Peanut Butter Nutritional Benefits to Your Dog

Feeding your dog a small amount of peanut butter offers a wealth of healthy nutrients, including protein, B-vitamins (important for food metabolism), niacin (vitamin-B3 that supports a healthy GI or gastrointestinal) and healthy fats (monounsaturated fat found in olive oil).

Best Peanut Butter Ingredients for Your Dog

The ingredients section of the peanut butter label should read just two words: Organic Peanuts.

Avoid Xylitol for Dogs

With only Organic Peanuts in the ingredients label, the risk of Xylitol is eliminated. Xylitol is an artificial sweetener consumed by humans but poisonous to dogs. Since it can trigger a fast release of insulin in dogs, it can deplete their blood sugar level at a rate that causes a dangerous health risk. Dogs, just like humans, need to keep a steady level of blood sugar to keep their cells energized. Signs of Xylitol poisoning are indicative of staggering, falling, or even worse, seizures. So be sure to always check labels and avoid the risks of Xylitol.

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