Mini Maggie Superfood Wafers™
Organic Superfoods Base
+ Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil
Count: 40 Wafers


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Enhancements per Wafer:  50 mg Cold Pressed, Extra Virgin, Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil.

Perfect addition to your canine kid’s cookie jar!  Crunchy wafers to support healthy teeth and gums.  Human grade, gluten-free (no wheat, corn, soy) and made with organic superfoods rich in antioxidants. All ingredients are finely ground to help increase absorption. Energizing ingredients that will shine through your dog’s coat. Your dog will love the organic coconut oil (cold-pressed) and the organic, free-range whole eggs (no hormones, no pesticides). Our wheatgrass (natural internal cleanser) and hand-harvested sea vegetables (Icelandic waters) will support a healthy gut and fresh breath. So many wonderful ingredients straight from Mother Nature’s own backyard!  Large or small, your dog will love these superfood wafers.

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