Nutrient Boost Powder™
+ Green Lipped Mussel
+ Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil
30 Servings


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Enhancements per Serving (30 servings; mg’s of GLM are determined by the selection of your dog’s weight):  GLM (New Zealand waters) + 100 mg Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil.

Our superfoods base enhanced with GLM (green lipped mussel) and cold-pressed, extra virgin wild Alaskan salmon oil (WASO) naturally rich in Omega-3s are a healthy approach to joint support.  GLM is a rich source of glycosaminoglycans (GAGS) , important components of cartilage and synovial joint fluid.

Why include GLM powder in Wonder Dog Superfoods™?
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Increase your dog’s  nutrient absorption with one scoop at a time.

Green Lipped Mussel contains mucopolysaccharies, vitamins, minerals, proteins and lipids. These are all beneficial to connective tissue, cartilage, and overall joint health. We purchase our GLM directly from New Zealand, where the mussels thrive in pristine waters.  Our enhanced powders are more bioavailable and great for seniors with dental problems who are missing out on nutrients and  beneficial for weak dogs because powdered form spares digestive energy. Visit our Ingredients page to learn the benefits of Wonder Dog Superfoods™.

Why add wild Alaskan salmon oil to GLM?

Fish oils combined with green lipped mussel gives a synergistic boost of Omega-3s.  Salmon is ranked as having the highest concentration of Omega 3 (rich in fatty acids DHA and EPA) compared to any other fish, and the astaxanthin content is a powerful antioxidant.  Wild salmon is superior to farm raised because it is not crammed into small areas where it is fed hormones for rapid growth and antibiotics.  Wild salmon is free to move and swim where it chooses and eat the natural diet Mother Nature intended.  With the shake of our convenient mealtime Topper, we bring your dog our organic superfoods base powder enhanced with 3,000 mg of cold-pressed, extra virgin wild Alaskan salmon oil.  Combined with our ground chia and flaxseed, the Omega-3s have protective anti-inflamatory properties, help prevent skin allergies and maintain a healthy, shiny coat.

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