WOOF Scottis ™ Peanut Butter Dog Treats with Pure, Organic, Non-GMO Peanut Butter (30 Count, 24-oz)

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30 Count. Peanut Butter WOOF Scottis™ are your dog’s very own “Biscotti”, made with organic superfoods rich in antioxidants. Pure, premium peanut butter (non-GMO, organic, no sweeteners or salt), blended into our organic superfoods base which is then baked to a crunch to support healthy gums and teeth.


Includes Yummy, Creamy, Organic Non-GMO Peanut Butter (Pure, Unsweetened, No Salt) and Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil (Cold-Pressed, Extra Virgin). Go to bottom of page for complete list of ingredients.

Peanut Butter WOOF Scottis™ are your dog’s organic superfood “biscotti”. We use Premium peanut butter (non-GMO, organic, no Xylitol or added sweeteners or sodium) and blend it into our organic superfoods base which is then baked to a crunch. A mouthful of yumminess, we tried “WOOF Scottis™” on dogs of all sizes.  Even the smallest enjoyed crunching their way through!

Per WOOF Scotti™ Treat (Appx.):
Weight: 23 g
Length: 3 inches
Height: 1.25 inch
Depth (Thickness): 1/2 inch

We begin with 100% human grade whole foods:
• Made in USA, human grade kitchen.
• Soy-Free. Gluten-Free. No wheat, corn, soy. No fillers. No by-products.
• No growth hormones, antibiotics, pesticides, artificial coloring or flavoring.
• No added sweeteners or sodium.

• Promotes health teeth and gums.
• Help maintain healthy coat and skin, making it soft and shiny.
• 100% human grade ingredients.
• Grain-free. Gluten-free.
• Total Quantity – 24 oz (375 g). 30 Treats.

• Premium peanut butter. Non-GMO, organic, no added sweeteners or sodium.
• Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil fatty acids help boost GLM’s benefits.
Base Ingredients:
• Organic Chia and Flaxseeds, healthy fatty acids rich in Omega-3.
• Chlorophyll from organic Wheatgrass and hand-harvested Sea Vegetables, which is oxygenating, energizing and an internal cleanser.
• Beta-Carotene to support healthy inner linings, important for nutrient absorption and cellular waste removal.
complete list of Base Ingredients

Feeding Guideline:
• One WOOF Scotti™ per day.
• Intended for supplemental feeding in conjunction with your dog’s daily diet.

Nutritional Information:
• Crude Protein (min. 21%)
• Crude Fat (min. 14%; max. 16%)
• Moisture 9% (Max.)
• Carbohydrates (47%)
• Crude Fiber (max. 3%)
• Ash (4%)
• Ca:P 1.1

Caloric Content (M/E Calculated):
3,742 kcal/kg or 3.7 cal/g. Appx. 83 cal/wafer

Ingredients (milled to powder and baked to a crunch): Organic Lentils, Organic Split Peas, Organic Non-GMO Peanut Butter (Pure, Unsweetened, No Salt), Organic Fresh Whole Eggs, Organic Quinoa, Organic Pumpkin, Organic Amaranth, Organic Coconut Oil (Cold-Pressed, Unrefined), Bone Meal (Pure, Sterilized), Organic Flaxseeds, Organic Chia Seeds, Lecithin (Sunflower), Sea Vegetables (Hand-Harvested), Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil (Cold-Pressed, Extra Virgin), Vitamin E, Sufficient Purified Water for Processing.


FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION (FDA) DISCLOSURE: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. Always check with your veterinarian before starting a new dietary supplement program.

5 reviews for WOOF Scottis ™ Peanut Butter Dog Treats with Pure, Organic, Non-GMO Peanut Butter (30 Count, 24-oz)

  1. Rene (Riverside, CA)

    Just amazing! My family and I have a male 7 year old American Pitbull Terrior, Marley, and a 4 year old female Toy Poodle/Yorkshire Terrior mix, Hattie-Mae. My Marley and his sensitive tummy made it very difficult for me to find a dog treat that didn’t upset his intestinal tract. This is what first drew me to Wonder Dog Superfoods. He loves the Woof Scottis just as Hattie loves her Mini Maggie Wafers and both LOVE when they get the Nutrient Boost Powder sprinkled on their food! Other products we have tried and loved – Sammie Superfood Nibbles and the CBD-Infused Comfort Support Wafers.  Thank you Wonder Dog Superfoods!

  2. Tony and Blitz the Agility Dog (Cypress, TX)

    Blitz, he is doing great and loves his Wonder Dog Superfoods. There is no doubt it aids in his muscle recovery and overall wellness. He loves your products, especially the treats.

  3. Tony and Blitz the Agility Dog (Cypress, TX)

    As an agility competitor and trainer, I searched for several years to find a product that would support my dog’s overall health in addition to providing the joint support they require. By good fortune I found Wonder Dog Superfoods and after speaking with the owner decided to try the Nutrient Boost powder with Green Lipped Muscles. I cannot say enough about this product as my older dog Laird started using it and to this date at 14 years old he has had zero joint problems nor any mobility issues. Currently, I have two other sheltie’s that are active in agility and they too enjoy the benefits of this great product, six year old Reno and two year old Blitz. Both dogs are extremely active, love to run and give it their all on the agility course. Being the athletes they are, the Nutrient Boost Powder gives them the extra edge and joint support they need which you just cannot get from your regular dog food. As the product comes in an easy to use container it is part of my daily feeding regime and travels with us as we attend the various competitions around the country. I would seriously recommend to anyone that loves their dog to use this as part of their daily feeding routine. You just cannot go wrong with it and oh Blitz says the Woof Scootis all-natural treats are the most awesome treats on the planet. Thank you so much for developing such a wonderful product for our dogs.

  4. Rebecca (Escondido, CA)

    The biscottis are a hit!!!

  5. Tony and Blitz the Agility Dog (Cypress, TX)

    Blitz says thank you Wonder Dog Superfoods for my awesome shipment! The treats are the greatest. It keeps me running strong as we get ready for the USDAA Nationals this coming October.

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