Split Peas – Ancient Super Food Protein for Your Dog

Split Peas | Your Dog’s Gluten-Free Plant-Based Protein

Yes, gluten-free. Also a super food and another vegetarian choice for your dog’s protein. If you would like to give your canine kid’s mealtime a healthy nutritional boost, consider adding a few tablespoons of this super food to their dish. An ancient legume consumed in Europe and Asia since prehistoric times, gluten-free, 28% protein and 3% fat, they are a healthy addition to your dog’s mealtime for many reasons. For starters, they are a good source of the B vitamin Thiamin (carbohydrate metabolism), phosphorous (supports healthy kidney function), and potassium (efficient functioning of muscles, nerves and enzymes). As an added bonus, they’re also rich in fiber which promotes healthy stoles.  Their nutrient density makes them a super food, and dogs love the sweet flavor!  Avoid canned peas due to the sodium content. 

Cooking Legumes for Your Dog

As always, be sure to choose organic. For cooking, the ratio is 1-1/2 cups water for each cup of dried legumes. Soak them in the pot of water for two hours to soften the hull, which contains B vitamins as well as fiber. You may also wish to add a small (about 2-inch x 4-inch) piece of Kombu seaweed. This helps you dog absorb more nutrients. Bring water to boil, add legumes, bring back to boil, cover and simmer 45 to 60 minutes. All liquid should be absorbed. You can also substitute water with a broth. Your dog would love bone broth, but be careful with packaged due to sodium content.

Any parents of vegan dogs out there? Please share with us your canine kid’s mealtimes. We love hearing from you!

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