Sterilized Bone Meal: Best Dog Calcium

Like humans, dogs require calcium to support their bones, teeth and overall health, and your dog does not have to snag a cow to get it. Studies show bone meal provides more calcium in comparison to milk. You can provide it with supplements that include bone meal powder, but be choosy when shopping for your dog. Animal supply stores do not always offer the cleanest source.

The Safest Bone Meal for Your Dog

Purchasing only pure, sterilized bone meal powder, edible for human consumption (always!) is important because some bone meals contain such high levels of lead and other toxic metals that they are banned for human consumption but permitted to be sold in animal feed stores. There are studies where samples of canned dog food revealed lead contamination levels, and much of it came from bone meal in the dog food ingredients. This lead can be attributed to our usage of leaded gasoline over many decades. It may not appear at all in some dogs, while others may show signs of lead poisoning through anemia, seizures or skin problems, to name a few.

So to be safe, purchase from the shelves of human health food stores. Choose fine powdered form to help with increased absorption (more bioavailable). Wonder Dog Superfoods uses only human grade ingredients, and our bone meal is high quality, pure and sterilized. Only the best to support your dog’s teeth, bones and overall health.

Calcium-Phosphorous Ratio for Your Dog’s Health

Be mindful when reading nutrient profiles. Look for a Calcium-Phosphorus ratio between 1.2 and 1.4. If the nutrient profile label shows only the individual calcium and phosphorus content, then you can calculate it yourself. Just divide the calcium by the phosphorus.

Other Calcium Sources for your Dog

Your dog’s calcium can be found in plant-based foods as well. Although the calcium is not as concentrated as bone meal, in combination with a variety of foods you can boost your dog’s calcium in a healthy way of not being from an animal source.

  • Eggshell Powder is the most cost-effective (look for Wonder Dog Superfoods blog on eggshell powder preparation for your dog’s calcium source). Each eggshell yields approximately 1,800 milligrams of calcium.
  • Seaweed is a pure form of calcium with trace minerals.
  • Ground flaxseed and chia seeds can boost mealtime calcium along with healthy Omega-3 fatty acids for your dog’s skin and coat.
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