Emily Fraser-Thomson, Canine Behaviorist (The Dog Listener)

As a behaviorist, it is important to be able to find a product that will help improve dogs in addition to behavioral work, rather than having potentially negative effects. With this product there are literally no negative side effects, and it doesn’t change the effectiveness of training techniques; rather, it increases effectiveness! I have recommended this product to at least a dozen clients and have received great feedback. It is great to have a product that can assist in relaxation without making a dog sluggish or unresponsive. I highly recommend this for dogs with anxiety, hyperactivity, or reactive/aggressive issues in addition with positive behavioral work.

Lorna and Family

Hope this message finds you well.  Just wanted to let you and Shelly know that the Superfoods has been well received by our furry golden retriever kids as we already see the results.  They are more agile and their coats are fantastic! Our eldest who is now 15 seems to have gotten stronger when she gets up and walks around!…I cannot begin to say how grateful we are to have come across this exceptional product. Thank you sincerely from this family of animal lovers!

Steven (Irvine, CA)

When I got Brielle as a puppy, my brother suggested I get her on Wonder Dog Superfoods right away because his dog was doing so well on it. I have had her on it since she was a puppy and I couldn’t be happier.

Stan (Oceanside, CA)

Micah was diagnosed with the beginnings of hip dysplasia by my vet. I wanted to take a homeopathic direction to keep him healthy. I started him on Wonder Dog Superfoods and within a short time I started seeing a difference in his activity and range of motion. Not only is he moving better, his coat has gotten gorgeous. Thank you Wonder Dog Superfoods!

Laird at the finish line.  Congratulations!

The story about Laird is one to be told. He was rescued on the day he was to be euthanized, extremely sick and underweight. I was told he wasn’t worth training because of his age and lack of drive so we worked for 2 years before he ran his first USDAA trial at 8 years of age. The last 5 years have gone fast with some wonderful memories, USDAA Grand Prix Finals, Purina Incredible Dog Challenge just to name a few. The picture of Laird crossing the finish line was bittersweet. It was his last Regional Grand Prix. He finished 3rd and on the same weekend earned his Performance Diamond Tournament Master title by completing his 100th Tournament Q. Only 2 other shelties have ever earned the title. This year’s Cynopsorts Games will be his last, and at 13 years young he has earned a well deserved retirement. I cannot say enough about my teammate, he has shown me so much.


Renee Luera (Riverside, CA)

Just amazing! My family and I have a male 7 year old American Pitbull Terrior, Marley, and a 4 year old female Toy Poodle/Yorkshire Terrior mix, Hattie-Mae. My Marley and his sensitive tummy made it very difficult for me to find a dog treat that didn’t upset his intestinal tract. This is what first drew me to Wonder Dog Superfoods. He loves the Woof Scottis just as Hattie loves her Mini Maggie Wafers and both LOVE when they get the Nutrient Boost Powder sprinkled on their food! Other products we have tried and loved – Sammie Superfood Nibbles and the CBD-Infused Comfort Support Wafers.  Thank you Wonder Dog Superfoods!


Juls (Bodfish, CA)

I have a 15 year old blind chihuahua, named Clint Eastwood. He eats, sleeps and does his business, always slow and stiff legged. Three days after starting Wonder Dog treats, Clint’s got a little bounce to his step. He wants to play and be scratched and petted. He is walking so much better. Wonder dog treats are truly amazing. My only question is, are they available for people? Thanks again.

Phillips (Islip, NY)

Sandy is doing good. Started giving her the CBD infused at bedtime. It really calmed her and helped her sleep. She has been so restless at night because she is uncomfortable.

Carole (Columbus, OH)

Flash broke his back five years ago. He had become so uncomfortable that he kept me awake at night. The pain also took away his appetite. When I learned about Wonder Dog treats, I tried their CBD-Infused treats and began crushing them into his food. He ate them and I saw a difference within two days. He chased a squirrel and jumped up on the sofa. He had not done that for years! I see so many other changes in Flash. His coat is shiny, his eyes are clearer, and he has really good days where his energy shocks me. I called the owner of Wonder Dog treats to thank her. I was going to say goodbye to Flash just a couple of weeks before I tried this. Has has weak teeth and cannot eat solid food. Being able to also supplement his meals with a nutrient boost powder is a plus because he loves the flavors, it encourages him to eat, and I feel better knowing he is getting more nutrients.

Cathie Garnier ( Executive Director)

Thanks Theresa, the Wonder Dog treats do great with my 18 year old who has terrible joint pain, keeps her very comfortable. Also works well with our 19 year old hospice dog, hate putting dogs this age on Rx drugs. I tell everyone about your treats and the CBD, I get a lot of humans asking about the CBD for themselves.  Thanks so much for your support and for making such a wonderful healthy product for our seniors.

Paws for Purple Hearts (Selah Marting, Program Instructor)

Hello!  We received your box of treats last week and just wanted to say thank you so much for your letter and the wonderful dog treats! Our service dogs in training love them! This is a picture of Valiant, our 6 mo old pup, practicing his “leave it” command.  Let us know if we can do anything for you in the future!  Thank you again!

They are perfect for training and Valiant and Timmy love them!

A Bittersweet eMail from Dave

Dear Shelley and Theresa:

I am sad to tell you that Baxter’s battle with cancer ended last evening. His decline was very rapid and I was fortunate my Vet was still open last evening. It was very peaceful. I had my hands on his head and chest and felt him take his last breath.

Thank you both for helping me find a way to add some quality of life to his final days. I know the CBD made that possible. It made Baxter able to cope with the cancer without any steroids or pain killers. I did ask Dr. Casler if steroids were an option to extend his quality of life a little longer and she said “NO”, so his final days were made better without them.

Baxter will be cremated and his ashes will be returned to me. My original plan was to spread his ashes along with those of Sailor, Sammy, Jake, Clancy and Buffy at one of the Vortex centers near Sedona, but I may elect to spread them in the ocean. Do you know of any services available to do that in San Diego?

Thanks again for all you support and more so, just caring.

The Barking Lot

It’s a #ThankfulThursday here at The Barking Lot. We want to give thanks to our friends at Wonder Dog Superfoods, Inc.!!!They are a local company making treats and food made with organic superfoods rich in antioxidants and sent us over some treats for our adoption goodie bags. Our little adorable office greeter, Satchel, had the pleasure of being quality control officer. And she gives a round of “APPAWS” for these yummy and healthy treats.

Alex Negrete and Scout

Thank you Shelley for suggesting we get Scout on Wonder Dog Superfoods. Our old man is feeling so much younger now. He is back to being active, adventurous and fun. He is our son’s best friend and it means so much to have him back in action.

Bark for CBD Oil | Dog Anxiety

Laurie and Butterfly

Butterfly has been taking the Organic Superfood CBD-infused Wafers for some time now and she is happy as a clam! She loves the Wafers and gets two-three per day. She gets her nutrition and a fun treat at the same time!

George Gilmore and Esperanza

45-50 lbs
Got her from Cass & Rebekah at Wagging Dog
Shes a little more filled out with a way more shiny coat now.

Dog Gut Health | ProActive Biotics

Cathie and Fancyball

Theresa, just wanted to report that after almost 2 weeks on the gut support you sent me Fancy’s tummy is doing much better: she is pooping more regularly and seems to have more energy.

Great product, would definitely recommend it!