Turmeric for Dog Arthritis | Ayurvedic Care

Turmeric (Curcuma longa) has been used since ancient times throughout Indonesia and Southeast Asia not only in cuisine but as a powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. It is well-documented in exhibiting many health benefits, especially in the treatment of joint inflammation. Curcumin is its active ingredient. There are over 1,000 worldwide published animal and human studies, both in vivo and in vitro, in which the effects of curcumin have been examined.

Turmeric | Your Dog’s Super Food

  • used in Ayurvedic care as a “cleanser of the body”
  • anti-inflammatory that helps with arthritis, treating sprains and overall inflammation
  • strong antioxidant that fights “free radicals”, protecting cellular membranes
  • blood thinner, helping to open blood vessels in order to improve blood circulation
  • improves fat digestion by stimulating bile production in the liver and encouraging excretion of bile via the gallbladder
  • improves brain function

Curcumin Bioavailability to Your Dog

Using turmeric to manage your dog’s osteoarthritis requires a little help in getting the curcumin constituent absorbed into their system. Turmeric as a whole is rich in phytochemicals. Just as important, it is fat-soluble, which helps assimilate with our organic fatty acids, including our pure, organic coconut oil and Omega-3 fatty acids found in our organic chia and flaxseeds. All of these ingredients are finely ground to increase absorption into your dog’s system.

Some Cautionary Notes

Combining turmeric with some foods, such as fatty acids, can help increase curcumin absorption and offer health benefits. There are other food combinations where may you want to proceed with caution, depending upon where your dog is healthwise. For example, black pepper is sometimes combined with turmeric to increase absorption; however, it contains Peperine which can enhance absorption of prescription drugs, which could increase the chance of accidental overdose. We take the conservative approach and combine organic turmeric with organic fatty acids.

How Much Turmeric for Your Dog ?

Turmeric contains approximately 20% curcumin. Some studies recommend a range of 50 – 250 mg curcumin three times a day. As always, we prefer the conservative approach of which our clients use as a starting point because no two dogs are alike. We blend our organic turmeric into our organic super foods base rich in antioxidants and healthy Omega-3 fatty acids. We use only human grade ingredients.

Note that we do not claim to have all the answers. We are all searching for safe choices to enhancing our pets health, and helping to manage their pain, in order to give them quality of life. Please share any turmeric-curcumin food combinations you have tried with your dog, and the results. Let’s share the knowledge.

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