Vitamin-E, Your Dog’s Antioxidant

Our canine kids are exposed to the same universal pollutants as us, so even in a dog’s world, living healthy in an unhealthy world requires antioxidant protection. Vitamin E is a strong antioxidant that helps fight disease and minimize the effects of pollution. Pollutants trigger “free radicals”. Free radicals cause a destructive domino effect on the body’s cells which causes disease, and Vitamin-E is the primary antioxidant to stop this domino effect. It does this by sacrificing an electron and neutralizing the destructive effects. Vitamin-E has many other health benefits, including aiding in circulation, healing of wounds, healthy skin and hair. Know that Vitamin-E is fat-soluble, functioning in a  fat soluble environment, which means it is more absorbable when consumed with fatty acids.  It fights hard to preserve and protect fatty acids,  keeping cellular membranes pliable for nutrient and oxygen absorption. This pliability is just as important for cellular waste removal. If you consider just like us, dogs entire organ systems consist of billions of specialized cells (i.e. hepatic cells for liver), maintaining healthy membranes is critical for every part of the body, including the eyes. Vitamin-E helps strengthen immune response, and because Vitamin-E helps protect fatty acids, you can add a serving size to freshly opened oils (wild Alaskan salmon oil, flaxseed oil, olive oil, etc.) to help preserve those fragile fatty acids.

Look for Dog Food and Dog Skin Products with Vitamin E

You can find Vitamin-E in many pet products, both food consumption and externally in skin moisturizers, shampoos, etc. Look for the Vitamin-E enriched products, especially for your canine kid’s skin and coat. Vitamin-E works synergistically with the healthy fatty acids found in Omega-3’s and the oils from finely ground organic flaxseeds found in Wonder Dog Superfoods™. Our Vitamin-E is derived from non-GMO sunflower oil, and we use the natural d-alpha form which assimilates far better than synthetic versions. We purchase human grade and keep it refrigerated until we are ready to enrich our wholesome super foods.

Information is powerful, and we love sharing. Please share how you use Vitamin-E to help preserve your dog’s health.

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