Your Dog or Finicky Canine Kid?

Finicky:  Fussy about one’s needs or requirements.  “A finicky eater”. 

Scenario: Your dog is suffering from arthritic pain. You are relieved to find a healthy homeopathic product to help manage their comfort level. You’re mixing supplements into their daily mealtimes, and it’s going great! You’re relieved to see they are more restful. Then one day “Fido” decides to get finicky and turns his nose up at his meal. Hmmm….what to do… Treat them like your own child. You know what’s best for them and the difference it makes, so it is non-negotiable. Okay, well maybe it is negotiable since getting into a wrestling match may not be an option, right? We have a client whose dog loved their powdered supplement that was mixed into their mealtime. Then all of a sudden Fido goes through another finicky stage. Wasn’t the first time and certainly will not be the last! The owner switched to CBD-infused treats and was back on track. Then several months later their little darling got finicky again and no longer wanted their CBD-infused treats.

Flavoring it Up for Your Dog

What is a canine mom to do? She got creative. Her canine kid now gobbles up the CBD-infused treats with a small spread of liverwurst. Extreme? We don’t think so. Not when you weigh the benefits. Sometimes, like your child, you have to coax your dog into eating.  When it comes to nutrition, dogs get bored and walk away from what they used to beg for. So get creative when it comes to feeding your dog those nutrient boost powders, joint supports, anti-inflammatories, all the wonderful things that help manage your dog’s health.

Bottom line is that sometimes you have to treat your canine kid just like your own child.

We love sharing. Please share with us the creative ways you coax your dog.

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